Rich in culture and history, Andalusia is as striking as the forebears who influenced the region. Intense yet inviting, the warm natural shades and rich earthy tones found in the stunning mountains, plains and valleys mirror the fiercely proud, yet heartily friendly Andalusian people. And underneath runs the typically fiery Spanish roots that will inspire your days and heat up your nights. This region is, after all, the home of flamenco and bullfighting!

Exclusive jewellery design by Martin Pouzar


Montana PRECIOSA 30340 Sodalite Blue Pantone 19-3953 TPX

Rich and solid, this colour reflects the strong roots of this Spanish region – and adds a definitive resonance to the palette.

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Crystal Honey PRECIOSA 00030 Hon Cornstalk Pantone 16-1315 TPX

Natural and honest in its earthy hue, this otherwise muted shade is the backbone of the Andalusian people, and of this colour combination.

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Crystal Celsian PRECIOSA 00030 Cel Lion Pantone 17-1330 TPX

Like its name, this tone adds a dimension of inner power and historic stateliness.

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Black Diamond PRECIOSA 40010 Castlerock Pantone 18-0201 TPX

With a touch of seemingly neutral grey, this shade nonetheless adds a tinge of enduring strength to round out this Andalusian combination.

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