Vibrant yet moving as one, a school of Caribbean fish is a virtual cornucopia of colour explosions. Completely unhindered, they boldly yet playfully glide through the warm turquoise waters. Is there a better place to start a fun-filled adventure than in the sand, sun and sea of this bright and friendly region?

Exclusive Jewellery Design by Martin Pouzar


Aqua Bohemica PRECIOSA 60010 Bluefish Pantone 14-4530 TN

The pure turquoise blue of the Caribbean ocean is the backdrop for fun on the beach or in the water.

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Citrine PRECIOSA 80310 Lemon Tonic Pantone 12-0645 TN

Whether it’s the bright southern sun or a school of playful fish, this zesty yellow adds a burst of unrestrained fun to these Caribbean hues.

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Hyacinth PRECIOSA 90040 Orange Clown Fish Pantone 15-1460 TN

Below, in the crystal clear waters, splashes of this magnetic orange abound, setting a vibrant tone for this colour concert adventure.

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Ruby PRECIOSA 90110 Pink Glo Pantone 17-2435 TN

Bright and bold, this season’s pink reflects this pulsating tropical culture. Party on!

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